18 Packaging Ideas For Small Businesses That Standout

March 1, 2024

In the competitive world of businesses, especially small businesses, where every brand tries to stand out and make a name for themselves, packaging can be one of the best ways to make their mark. Packaging isn’t always the most straightforward option, but it helps to define the brand and give it a unique identity. Packaging is not just for securing goods, but it is the first point of contact with customers, which should be a priority in every small businesses’ marketing strategy going forward. For small businesses, there are many competitors, so their packaging can definitely add a step up, giving them the perfect impression and stand out in the market. 

In particular, small businesses can also use sustainable packaging or eco-friendly packaging, which can also look really good and have a two-in-one use, ensuring that it keeps customers hooked and also fosters brand loyalty. Having personalized packaging that stands out from the competition also creates an emotional connection with customers.

With this in mind, let’s explore 18 innovative packaging ideas tailored to elevate your small business and leave a lasting imprint on your audience.

What needs to be included in your package?

1. Branding Your Package

This helps to give an unique look to your packaging, helping you to stand out and allow your customers to familiarize themselves with your logo.

Design your packages to be unique, using your brand’s colors and logo, so that each package stands out from others.

2. Business Cards

A well designed business card that includes your brand’s elements helps customers to get your contact information and also further familiarizes them with your brand.

3. Thank You Cards

Add a personalized thank you card in each of your deliveries to customers. This can enhance personal touch which also shows appreciation and strengthens customer relationships

4. Bubble Packaging/Shockproof Wrapping

Keep fragile items safe during delivery with bubble packaging or shockproof wrapping, so that your packages arrive in one piece.

Packaging ideas for small businesses on a bigger budget

packaging ideas

5. Custom Ribbon or Tape

Why not go the extra mile? Add custom ribbons or tape using your brand’s logo or colors, so that each package stands out.

6. Custom Stickers and Labels

Make your packages even more personalized with stickers and labels, something to further reinforce your brand and get customers familiar with the colors.

7. Additional Bags and Containers

Add reusable or decorative bags and containers that customers can re-use even after they’ve received your product, allowing them to use the packaging for day-to-day chores, adding to increased brand recognition.

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Eco-friendly packaging ideas

Trying to think of the environment while sending or receiving packages? This section is just for you, tailored to give you a vast array of packaging ideas for you to choose from, while also contributing to helping the environment by not using non-recyclable materials.

8. Biodegradable Packaging Peanuts

Biodegradable packaging peanuts made from sustainable materials help to minimize environmental impact, ensuring that both you and your customers do your part for the environment, while also keeping your items safe and protected during the delivery process.

9. Corrugated Bubble Wrap

The perfect way to recycle and have fun at the same time! This type of packaging is protective and also recyclable, which allows your customers to re-use as well, while adding necessary cushioning for all your deliveries.

10. Honeycomb Protective Wrap

This type of wrap gives you protection, made from renewable materials such as recycled paper and cardboard, it provides a good barrier against movements during delivery. This packaging is also easily recyclable, so that your delivery includes a low carbon footprint.

11. Cornstarch Packaging

Cornstarch-based packaging, is biodegradable and compostable, made from renewable resources, such as corn, this packaging material breaks down naturally over time, leaving behind no harmful residue. The compostable nature of this packaging means that it can be easily disposed of in home compost bins, helping customers who are avid gardeners.

12. Mushroom Packaging

Explore mushroom packaging, a revolutionary solution made from mycelium that is both biodegradable and durable, while also protective, ensuring all your packages stay safe. This packaging also helps in shock absorption, during transportation and in the disposal process, it also can be an advantage for gardeners, as it enriches the soil during the decomposition process.

13. Seaweed Packaging

Seaweed-based packaging is sourced from marine resources, where the seaweed cultivation process contributes to marine ecosystem restoration, further enhancing its environmental benefits. This packaging is also renewable and biodegradable, contributing to the preservation of marine ecosystems over time.

14. Organic Fabrics

Add your brand theme colored fabric to your packaging, in materials such as cotton or linen, which your customers can reuse and recycle, while adding to brand familiarity. This is also something very unusual and will stand out in terms of your brand’s identity.

eco friendly packaging ideas

15. Compostable Packaging

Compostable packaging breaks down naturally into organic matter during the composting process, so that there are no harmful residues or toxins. This is a great way to do your part for the environment and also help your customers do their part as well, one package at a time.

16. Glassine Packaging

This unique packaging is translucent and made from compostable material derived from wood pulp. It is lightweight and resistant to grease and moisture, so that any type of product can be protected and wrapped for the delivey process.

17. Cellulose Packaging

This is derived from plant fibers, such as wood or cotton, and is biodegradable, offering strength and durability for protecting your products during delivery. This is a perfect way to be sustainable-minded in your deliveries, while also allowing your customers to reuse the packaging.

In conclusion, packaging is not just about protecting your products during transit; it’s also a powerful tool for branding and customer engagement. By incorporating these innovative packaging ideas, small businesses can create memorable experiences for their customers while also demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. 

PikThat is one such delivery platform that can help you keep your package intact, with transport options that range from walking, cycling, using public transport to using electric vehicles. It’s a delivery marketplace that allows you to pick the type of transport that works best for your delivery, along with being able to negotiate the delivery amount, so that you get the best deals.

Sustainability is also at the core of all deliveries, with a focus on reducing carbon emissions and using environment- and people-friendly methods of delivery. So, whether you’re working with a tight budget or have room to splurge, there are plenty of options available to help your business stand out in the market while staying environmentally conscious.

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