Top 10 Custom Cake Shops that Deliver in Toronto

April 19, 2024

Toronto, a city that thrives on diversity, offers the same variety when it comes to cakes! Whether you’re planning a birthday bash or a special occasion, a special, made-to-order, custom cake can truly be the centerpiece. But finding the perfect bakery that creates delicious treats and offers convenience in the ordering process can be a challenge.

Fear not, cake lovers! This blog unveils some of the best custom cake shops in Toronto, ensuring your celebration is a breeze.

10 Custom Cake Shops that Deliver in Toronto

custom cake shop toronto

1. It’s the Icing on the Cake (Address: 1238 Queen St E):

This nut-free bakery is a haven for those with allergies. They specialize in stunning custom cakes for weddings and ceremonies, alongside cupcakes, tarts, and flavored cookies. Sounds like a treat!


Phone: 416-469-4973

it's the icing on the cake toronto

2. Phipps Desserts & Wholesale Bakery (Address: 1875 Leslie St #21):

A Toronto staple, Phipps offers a delectable selection of house-made desserts, pastries, and custom cakes. They cater to all occasions, ensuring there’s a perfect cake for every celebration, no matter what you’re celebrating.


Phone: 416-391-5800

3. Velvet Lane Cakes & Cafe (Address: 173 King St E):

This bakery and cafe doesn’t just offer gorgeous custom cakes, but also boasts a delightful cafe setting where you can enjoy a slice with a coffee. They use high-quality ingredients and focus on beautiful designs, which can be easily customizable.


Phone: (416) 262-4159

4. eCakes (Location: Markham):

While they don’t have a physical storefront, eCakes offers a vast online selection of cakes. From classic flavors to unique options, they provide a user-friendly platform to find your perfect cake, cupcakes, or other treats, so you can order whatever it is you’re in the mood for.


5. Cake Delivery Toronto (Delivery across various Toronto areas):

This online distributor partners with leading Toronto bakeries, offering a wide variety of cakes. With over 200 options and refrigerated transport, you can be sure your cake arrives fresh and delicious. You’ll be spoilt for choice!


6. Kensington Natural Bakery (Location: Kensington Market):

If you’re looking for a bakery with a focus on natural ingredients, look no further! Kensington Natural Bakery offers custom cakes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients, perfect for those seeking a healthier option.


Phone: 416.534.1294

7. Bobbette & Belle (Location: Liberty Village):

This charming bakery is known for its whimsical and artistic cake designs. They offer a variety of flavors and cater to all dietary needs, making them a great choice for a one-of-a-kind cake.


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8. Daan Go Cake Lab (Location: Scarborough):

Specializing in Korean-inspired cakes, Daan Go Cake Lab creates beautiful and unique cakes. From fruit-filled options to trendy Korean buttercream styles, they offer a delightful twist on classic cakes.


9. Sweet Flour Bake Shop (Location: Liberty Village):

This bakery is all about handcrafted goodness! Sweet Flour Bake Shop uses seasonal ingredients to create delicious custom cakes, with a focus on fresh and simple flavors.


10. The Rolling Pin (Online shop):

Don’t let the online presence fool you! The Rolling Pin offers a curated selection of delicious cakes. They specialize in elegant designs and decadent flavors, perfect for a special occasion.


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So, the next time you find yourself searching for “cake delivery near me,” “birthday cake delivery Toronto,” or simply the perfect “custom cakes,” consider these amazing Toronto shops! With so many talented bakers offering a variety of options, you’re sure to find the perfect cake to make your celebration unforgettable.

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