Top 24-Hour Grocery Stores in Toronto & GTA

May 29, 2024

Toronto is a city that never sleeps, and sometimes, that late-night (or evening) craving hits and you have no snacks or food in the house. But fear not, although 24-hour groceries are few and far between, there are still fantastic options to fulfill your late-night needs. This list will quench your thirst for knowledge (and groceries) with the top spots for 24-hour grocery shopping in the city, making sure that you don’t go to bed (or anywhere else) hungry.

This list highlights some of the top spots for late-night grocery shopping in Toronto, along with a section on delivery services that can bring your groceries straight to your door. So, next time a craving strikes or you realize you’re out of milk at 2 am, you’ll know exactly where to turn!

Keeping Your Fridge Full, Day or Night

1. Rabba Fine Foods (Multiple Locations)

A Toronto staple, Rabba offers a wide selection of groceries, produce, and even hot meals at most locations. They’re a reliable option no matter where you are in the city.

Rabba has 35+ locations around GTA, you can find the detail and open hours on their website:

rabba fine food 24 grocery store

2. Hasty Market (Davisville & Yonge)

This convenience store chain isn’t all chips and candy. The Davisville location has a surprisingly good selection of fresh produce, dairy, and pantry staples, perfect for a quick grocery run, or to stock up on your monthly essentials.


3. Sam’s Food Stores (Multiple Locations)

Another convenience store champion, Sam’s offers a decent grocery selection alongside their usual convenience fare. Giving you options for your one-off cravings, or even for your daily essentials.


4. Busy Bee Convenience (Multiple Locations)

Busy Bee goes beyond the typical convenience store selection. They have a great variety of fresh and frozen groceries, making them a handy option for last-minute essentials, whether you feel inspired and want to cook a full meal or even snack on a few tidbits.


5. Aisle 24 (Multiple Locations accross GTA)

This convenience store chain is known for its focus on fresh food and healthy options. You’ll find a good variety of grab-and-go meals, produce, and dairy products alongside your favorite snacks.


6. Shoppers Drug Mart (Multiple Locations)

While not a traditional grocery store, Shoppers Drug Mart offers a surprisingly good selection of everyday essentials, including groceries, toiletries, and personal care items. Many locations are open late, making them a convenient option for grabbing last-minute items.


shoppers drug mart 247 grocery store toronto

7. Circle K 

A familiar sight across the city, Circle K offers a variety of convenience store staples, from snacks and drinks to hot dogs and lottery tickets. They’re a handy option for a quick pit stop.


8. 7-Eleven

Another convenience store giant, 7-Eleven offers a similar selection to Circle K, with snacks, drinks, hot food options, and everyday essentials. Any snack you need, they have it covered.


9. FreshCo (multiple locations)

While not all FreshCo locations are open 24/7, some boast extended hours, making them a good option for late-night grocery runs. They offer a good selection of fresh produce, meat, and packaged groceries at competitive prices. Check store hours for individual locations for your next visit.


10. Metro (multiple locations)

Similar to FreshCo, some Metro locations offer extended hours, providing a convenient option for late-night grocery shopping. They offer a wider selection of groceries compared to convenience stores, including fresh produce, bakery items, and international products. Check store hours for individual locations at

24-Hour Grocery Delivery Services in Toronto - GTA

While true 24/7 grocery stores might be scarce, Toronto offers a growing selection of grocery delivery services that operate around the clock. These services allow you to order your groceries online and have them delivered straight to your door, often within a short timeframe.

PikThat is one such delivery service that works across Toronto, allowing you to get all your groceries delivered in just a few clicks and without having to leave the comfort of your home. It is a delivery marketplace, where all your deliveries can be done while also giving you control of the type of transportation you would need and the ability to negotiate the price you pay for the delivery service. PikThat covers your delivery and pick up needs, anytime.

So, with these resources at your disposal, you can kiss late-night grocery store runs goodbye and focus on the more important things, like catching up on sleep or that extra episode of your favorite show. So next time hunger strikes at an odd hour, remember that there are many options so that you don’t go hungry and get your groceries delivered!

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