Best Prepared Meal Delivery in Toronto & GTA

March 28, 2024

Living a busy life in Toronto can make healthy eating a challenge. Between managing work deadlines, and family commitments, squeezing in time for meal prep can feel impossible. That’s where prepared meal delivery services come in! These convenient options offer fresh, delicious, and healthy meals delivered straight to your doorstep, saving you precious time and energy. 

So, even if you wanted to meal prep yourself, these meal prep services can help you save time and still ensure that you have a healthy meal, with minimal guilty conscience. Let’s dig in to see how you can start this health-conscious journey of meal prep.

Best Prepared Meal Services in Toronto

The Toronto food scene boasts a variety of prepared meal delivery services, catering to different dietary needs and preferences. With cuisines from far and wide, giving you choices that may be challenging to choose from, but nonetheless delicious and healthy. Here’s a breakdown of some popular options:

  • Healthy and Clean Eating: If you’re focused on healthy eating or following a specific diet like keto, paleo, or vegan, you’ll find services offering portion-controlled meals made with fresh, whole ingredients. So, you can have the convenience of a meal prep service, without guilt, ensuring that your health journey is not hindered in any way, but it is actually doing much better than before.
  • Family-Friendly Fare: Are you trying to juggle work and family life? Many Toronto-based meal prep services offer family-sized meals with a variety of options to please even picky eaters. Think lean protein dishes with whole grains and colorful vegetables. So, your kids get their veggies and so do you, with minimal hassle and ensuring that everyone gets to eat something that they like for their weekday or even weekend meals.
  • Globally Inspired Cuisine: Craving something more exotic? Explore services offering international flavors, from Thai curries and Indian curries to Mediterranean delights and Japanese stir-fries. With fresh vegetables and meats used, you’re sure to be surprised every time, trying out new flavors and cuisines, with personalization on flavors a possibility when ordering from these places.

The best healthy food delivery in Toronto & GTA

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1. FitChef Toronto - 1089 Kingston Rd. Unit 5 suite 10009 Scarborough

Focusing on healthy food to lessen your guilty conscience and give you fresh and nutritious meals each time. Their mission is to improve health and wellbeing through their delicious and nutritious meal services, catering to each individual’s dietary needs. Helping you live healthily and eat what you should, with minimal effort and ensuring that your get your veggies each time you order.

2. DelecTable by Zarla Jane - Based in the Toronto region

Ready to heat-and-eat, every plant-based, seasonal meal from Delectable by Zarla Jane puts the focus on health, healing and optimal nutrition. Choose from individual meals, weekly plans, breakfast or lighter fare and come Sunday, you’re ready to dig in. Vegetable focused with vegan, vegetarian, and calorie smart meal options to suit all palettes.

3. HoneyBee Meals - Based in the Toronto region

Among its offerings, Honey Bee includes plenty of options for those on gluten-free, dairy-free or plant-based diets. Choose a pre-set plan of four, six, or 10 meals, or pick individually, and receive a weekly delivery guaranteed to help keep meal-planning monsters at bay. Whether it’s for an indulgent night in or sharing with friends and family, this should be one of your regulars.

4. Bio Raw - 1111 Finch Ave W, North York, ON M3J 2E5

If you’re vegan, worry not, this is the place for you! Their meals are carefully crafted with the best organic ingredients to provide exceptional nutritional value without compromise. With nutritious and healthy meal options, and also the biodegradable packaging used, this one’s for the health and environment conscious.

5. Elle Cuisine - 56 Hampton Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 2Y6

Frozen and ready to eat meals from a local name in catering in Toronto, ensuring that you have a special meal every time you purchase from them. Elle Cuisine is known for their intimate private cooking classes and high-end catering menus to large-scale corporate events and weddings, Elle Cuisine’s mission is to serve the finest food and create engaging atmospheres in which moments are shared and relationships flourish.

Apps for Food Pickup in Toronto

There are so many advantages to using meal delivery apps in Toronto, especially for busy individuals and families, or even if you feel like you really can’t cook or chop today:

  • Convenience: Save precious time by skipping grocery shopping and meal prep. With a few clicks on your phone, you can have delicious, healthy meals delivered right to your doorstep. Sounds like a dream come true and so very easy to do, a tempting option!
  • Dietary Needs: Many meal prep services cater to specific dietary needs, offering gluten-free, vegetarian, and diabetic-friendly options. So, even if you’re trying to find an excuse not to use a delivery app, you can still find something that suits your needs and that of your families, with little to no hassle of grocery shopping, cutting, and cooking.
  • Variety and Discovery: Tired of the same old meals? Experiment with new flavors and cuisines with a wide variety of options available through meal delivery apps. You never know, you could find your favorite food ever through a delivery order you make, and this could open you up to a whole new world of food possibilities, which sounds great, right?

PikThat is one such delivery app, which is a delivery marketplace for anything and everything you need, but also for all your food delivery needs. We deliver anything you need, including food deliveries and everything in between!

So if you need food delivered, while doing your other chores or getting packages delivered or sent, PikThat delivery has you covered! Call up or order your food online, create an order on PikThat, choose the type of delivery that works best for you, negotiate the delivery amount directly with the delivery agent and you’ve got your meal sorted! So, why wait, try out a whole new delivery experience, ensuring convenient and time-saving deliveries, every time!

With so many prepared meal delivery services in Toronto, finding the perfect fit for your needs and taste buds is easy. From healthy and clean eating options to globally inspired meals, these convenient services offer a delicious and time-saving solution for busy individuals, such as yourself, who prioritize healthy eating. So, ditch the meal planning stress and explore the exciting world of prepared meal delivery in Toronto! Happy exploring!

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