Benefits of Being a PikThat Delivery Agent

January 8, 2024

PikThat is an open marketplace for any type of delivery, to make life easier for individuals, home businesses & companies to deliver or pick up an item without worrying about the extravagant costs that are usually associated with these services. Our mission is simple, it’s to empower local communities that consist of individuals, home businesses and local businesses with opportunities to work, earn and live. 

We also wanted to make sure that both end users and delivery agents have a say in the charges for each delivery, ensuring that it is beneficial for both. We want to change the norm and allow our end users and delivery agents to have the best experience possible, with an easy-to-use app and simple steps to follow for each delivery that they want to make. 

Helping our Communities

Over the last few years, communities have increasingly relied on online platforms to meet all their delivery, sending, and receiving needs. Learning from the pandemic and how delivery changed during this time, PikThat hopes to be that middleman, helping small businesses and individuals get their deliveries done in the fastest, most cost-effective way possible. All of this also ensures that our delivery agents are able to earn money in a way that works best for them, so that flexibility and convenience is at the forefront of all aspects from start to finish.

From earning to meet a savings goal or to help pay their bills, delivery agents at PikThat will be able to chat & deal with customers on the best price for their individual deliveries, ensuring that they have a fair payment for the delivery services provided. We know that delivery agents value this flexibility, and we will ensure that the PikThat platform will allow them to enjoy an accessible, low-barrier way to earn when, how, and where they want.

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Our Commitment to our Delivery Agents

We are committed to providing a platform that serves delivery agents, merchants, and customers alike. The goal of every action we hope to take is to enhance the PikThat platform, improve our service, and to offer meaningful economic opportunities to as many delivery agents as possible. As part of this promise, we will regularly pursue improvements and changes to ensure our platform remains equitable and accessible for all our delivery agents. 

We’ve implemented a reliable earnings structure to help delivery agents earn more on the majority of deliveries, and ensured effective post-delivery payout summaries, so delivery agents can better understand their earnings. Ahead of most orders, delivery agents are able to chat & deal with the customers, within a fair range, which will be based on the distance and mode of delivery. 

All of this is done before the delivery is confirmed, so both delivery agents and customers get a good deal. And of course, delivery agents are also always free to choose which deliveries they accept or decline. After a delivery agent completes a delivery, they can see their full earnings breakdown in their PikThat delivery agent app, including promotions, incentives, and 100% of their tips.

Understanding Chat & Deal

Once a delivery agent accepts an order, the delivery agent can then negotiate and make a deal for the delivery cost that works best for both them and the customer. This chat function allows you to directly communicate with the customer and agree on the total amount for delivery. This ensures that delivery agents get the best deal for their services, which is fair and also has been negotiated by both the customer and the delivery agent. This unique way of selecting deliveries allows each delivery agent to choose the mileage they need to travel for the delivery before they start the chat & deal option, so that each delivery agent earns fairly, and on their own terms.

What ‘Flexibility’ Really Means

We see flexibility as one of the most important components of PikThat as a platform. The reason that delivery agents have this flexibility when working with PikThat is because they are independent contractors. They’re paid for each delivery they complete, and when they’re not delivering, they can fill their time any way they wish, by working another job, running errands, caring for loved ones, earning on another platform, or just relaxing. This flexibility to craft their own schedule, without permission needed from a boss, allows delivery agents to pursue education or work while earning to support themselves or their families too. 

Once we launch, our aim is to keep improving our platform and the services offered to our customers and delivery agents on a regular basis. This work will be ongoing and as our business continues to grow and evolve, we will navigate through new challenges and exciting opportunities that we may face, ensuring that people are at the center of why we do what we do. And we remain committed to being transparent with our actions and to continue working alongside delivery agents, small businesses, and customers to ensure that our decisions positively impact every stakeholder in our open marketplace.

So, look out for our app launch, sign up for PikThat and manage your own schedule today

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